Hygiene Supplements

ACTILIS - Evening care cream
Code 101.0

4% amino-acid + 1% Polysiloxane cream

pH = 5,7 0,2

Actilis, Keelis & Deltaderm

KEELIS - 4% amino-acid cream
Code 401.0

Cream for use after work to help skin regeneration (silicone-free).

pH = 5,8 0,2

Keelis Cream

KEELIS - gel
Code 403.0

Shampoo and shower gel with Lipoproteol. For body and hair.

pH = 6,5 0,2


Code 217.0

Special hand anti-perspirant. Recommended for personnel in contact with metal parts sensitive to oxidation. Increases comfort when wearing waterproof gloves.


POUDRE DU MARCHEUR (Foot Powder for Walkers)
Code 103.0

Improves comfort while wearing safety shoes by reducing perspiration and the development of unpleasant odors.

Poudre du Marcheur

SPRAY DU MARCHEUR (Foot Spray for Walkers)
Code 104.0

Antiseptic deodorant for local use. Spray once inside shoes every night.

Poudre & Spray du Marcheur

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