Skin Protection

In selecting a protective cream, one question must be asked:   are the aggressive or soiling agents water-soluble or insoluble?

Water-soluble soiling agents
These products are water-resistant preparations that are effective against the effects of acids, alkali, and saline solutions.

BLICK 1000 - cream
Code 204.0

BLICK Fluid - lotion
Code 203.0

Two 10% Silicon "C" emulsions, highly protective and non-adhesive. Recommended for mechanics and construction workers.

pH = 6,0 0,2

Blick 1000

Code 209.0

Combination of water-resistant components (excluding silicones), resistant to water-soluble agents. DELTASOL is recommended for use in all industries in which silicones are prohibited - in particular, electronics, paint, and automobile workshops.

pH = 7,1 0,2


Code 216.0

Highly detergent (silicone-free), water-resistant complex specially developed for protection against micro-ionized, emulsified, soluble oils.

Non water-soluble soiling agents
These products protect against organic solvents such as trichloro-ethylene, white-spirit, toluene hexane, oils, lubricants, grease, paint, and ink. Protection is provided by hydrophilic creams.

Code 202.0

A gel which, when completely dry, forms a flexible film that resists the action of all organic solvents and heavy oils.

After work, the film is removed by simply rinsing with water.

pH = 6,7 0,3


Code 208.0

Self-cleaning protection One application = two results:

Protection against paints and varnishes, lubricants and grease. When mixed with water, the protective layer forms a thick foam, removing dirt, oils, lubricants, grease, paints, etc.

pH = 7,0 0,3


Targeted protection for specific problems

Code 206.0

Anti UV A and B emulsion.

Specific protection against pitch and tar whose harmfulness is increased by exposure to sunlight. (silicone-free)

pH = 6 0,2


Code 210.0

Product specially prepared for facial protection. Semi-fluid, non-drying emulsion, which forms a silicone-free protective film. This film is removed after work by wiping with a sponge and then washing with soap.

PH = 7,5 0,2


POLYPOX - cream
Code 205.0

Epoxy and polyester resins are powerful and aggressive agents, capable of triggering allergic reactions. A light POLYPOX film slows polymerization, prevents penetration into the skin's surface and facilitates cleaning after work.

PH = 7,5 0,2


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